Please Note: You cannot use this appeals portal to respond to a Final Demand, a Letter Before Claim or County Court Claim Form.


Q. “I was issued a notice for not displaying a ticket/permit correctly; if I send you a ticket will you cancel the charge?”

A. We will NOT cancel the charge if a ticket /permit is submitted. It is the drivers’ responsibility to take the due care and attention necessary to ensure that a ticket/permit is clearly displayed for inspection in order to avoid a charge.

Careful placement and a brief glance after locking the vehicle are all that is required; it is unacceptable to blame the wind/passengers/pets.

You should appreciate that we have to account for the costs associated with issuing and administering the Parking Charge Notice, plus any subsequent administration costs thereafter; all as a direct result of the drivers’ negligence. Ultimately the charge was incurred due to a failure to DISPLAY… NOT failure to pay/have permission to park.

Q. “I was getting some change to buy a ticket, will you cancel the charge?”

A. There is no period of free parking, motorists are required to have sufficient change with them BEFORE arrival; appeals submitted on this basis will not be granted under any circumstances.

Q. “I parked in the manner in which the vehicle was observed as there was nowhere else to park (e.g. the car park was full or the car next to me had parked too far to the left/right), will you cancel the charge?”

A. No the charge will not be cancelled in these circumstances, if you are unable to adhere to the terms & conditions of use for any reason it would be prudent to either wait for an appropriate space to become available or seek alternative parking facilities.

Q. “The Pay & Display machine was not working, so I thought it would be ok to park for free; will you cancel the charge?”

A. No the charge will not be cancelled in these circumstances. If you cannot obtain a ticket for any reason, it would be prudent to call us for advice or find alternative parking facilities; a faulty machine does not automatically grant free parking. There is clear signage to this effect on all of our Pay & Display machines, therefore an appeal submitted on this basis will not be granted under any circumstances.



Whilst we take great care to ensure that the enforcement process is carried out accurately; we appreciate that errors can occur.

Therefore if you feel that the notice was issued incorrectly i.e the contravention did not occur; please write to us and we will investigate your claim.

All evidence will be reviewed, which may include (but not limited to) time-stamped photographic images of the vehicle. We endeavour to respond to all VALID appeals within 28 days.

Please note, the following are NOT valid grounds for appeal under contract law, therefore appeals submitted on these alleged grounds will not be granted under any circumstances.:

    • Explanations as to WHY the contravention occurred
    • Requests for mitigating circumstances to be taken into account
    • You disagree with the terms & conditions of use

Please provide the reference number, the driver’s name & address, and any information that may assist us with our investigation. Correspondence submitted without all the requested information will not be addressed.